St. John's Lutheran Church

"A Family of Christian Believers, called by GOD, to Serve in Love"

  St. John's became a worshiping community in 1956. We had our original groundbreaking in 1962. Over the years, we grew by adding a separate Sanctuary and a Fellowship hall, education and office building. We believe GOD is an all-welcoming, all-inclusive, all-loving and all accepting GOD. Based especially on John 3:16; 3:17 and the Great Commision of Matthew 28:19-20, we believe, teach and preach, "All means All".
  2012-13 was a very pivotal time for us at St. John's. To make a long story short, it was during the time we redefined ourselves as a community church. we began to refocus ourselves as a "Family of Christian Believers, Called by GOD , to Serve in Love". We rededicated ourselves to be a major positive serving influence for all in our community.
  Then, another major pivotal event occurred on March 3, 2020. A tornado destroyed most of our building; then, the COVID19 pandemic hit the world. Again, to make a very long story short (a truly great story) because of our community involvement, our community helped clean-up our grounds at St. John's. During the three years without a building, instead of saying, "Why us?" , we said, "Why not us!" as we continued, and did even more, to help those in need throughout our community. We became known as the "Church without a building."

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More than 3 years, 973 days later...

St. John's, After the Tornado

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